The Right Music Business Mindset

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Many believe the reason we haven’t achieved our Music Career goals is because we haven’t done enough of the right things, or we are not wanting it enough, or we aren’t passionate enough, or we don’t know about the music business enough.

And the worst of all, that we are not good enough.

The truth is that the more force we put in, the more we overwhelm ourselves with new concepts and with new ideas, the more we clutter our power for success.

I am going to repeat that because this is important.

The more you want it and the busier you get, the more you set yourself for failure.

There are two important aspects to this:

1. Wanting is synonymous of lack.

When you are wanting something, you are acting from a place of scarcity. And guess what you will get? You guessed it!

So, your first goal is to let go of the FEELING OF WANTING.

I did not said let go of your dreams and goals, but of the feeling of wanting.

This is the point where you ask yourself, would I rather “be” a successful musician or I “wanna be” a successful musician.

2. When you have more than three things in your “to do list” for any given week, you are out of focus.

If you are out of focus, you don’t get results.

You need to put all your energy into one, and ONE thing alone at a time in order to be intimate enough with your project for it to be completed start to end.

This is by no means a guarantee that the project will be a success. However, it will guarantee that you accomplish your goal until its completion. And that’s the real meaning of success.

So, your second goal is to let go of control and perfectionism and start focusing on one thing at the time.

I want to hear your thoughts on this, please write your comments below.

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Let’s do this!

Rock on!
Love, Mia

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