How to deal with tough times as a Musician

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Every person in this world, including a top performing musician, a celebrity, even a rock star, go through difficult times. As we go through our life journeys we come across moments, situations and circumstances that either force us into growth and learning, or into fully transforming our lives. It doesn’t matter where in your music career you are at currently, you are still a human being. A body with a mind, emotions, and feelings. You have goals, ideals, and a vision for yourself, and who you want to become. When we are in the midst of tough times, these are the times you want to be grateful for. These are the times you want to embrace, because these are the times where the true gold really lies.

First and foremost, you have an opportunity for growth

The person we become after enduring a difficult situation is never the same person as the day before we entered the struggle. As a musician, when you find yourself in a tough situation, say YES! Yes because you are growing, yes because you are learning, yes because who you will become is always a better version of yourself.

You just need to be willing to be uncomfortable for the time being. Remember, nothing lasts forever. Be willing to surrender to the Universe, and trust that things happen for a reason, and are always working in your favor. Simply trust.

Second, you have an opportunity for change

You have a chance for change, changing yourself, changing your circumstances, changing your environment, changing whatever is not working for you. That brings an opportunity for new beginnings. Remember, some things need to end in order for something new to start. The moment that this happens, know at the core of your being that a new wonderful beginning is on its way. Know that you are on the right path.

Life is constantly evolving and without tough times you will never know that change is taking place. Tough times pushes us out of our comfort zones, out of our bubbles, away from what is keeping us in one place. You just need to be open to what is to come. Keep an open mind of what the change brings with it. For many of us, our toughest times are blessings in disguise, they are the best things that can ever happen to us.

Think about it. When was the last time something you thought as bad, unfair, or simply difficult to handle changed you in ways that made you feel more empowered? Or a new and better opportunity came from it, or it took you out of one place then putting you in the right place for a better opportunity? Never take for granted what seems to be a “forced” change. Allow the Universe to make those well needed changes for you. You never know what awaits you on the other side.

Third, now have an opportunity to create something fantastic

You have more power than you believe. Using a tough time as an opportunity to connect with other people, with your fans, and with their emotions is more valuable than anything else in your music career. A difficult time can be the catalyst to creating that song that could be the turning point of your music career. How many acts have you heard about that a song was the one hit that took them to the top of their careers?

Remember what I said at the beginning of this post? You are a musician, and yet you still are a human being with a body, a mind, emotions and feelings, you have goals, ideals, and a vision for yourself. That is the secret.

People adore to be heard and understood. Fans will follow and praise the artist who can identify with them, with their good and “not so good” emotions, who can speak for them what they go through, what they think, and how they feel.

And that is you, my friend.

You are the one fulfilling that need for them, and they’ll love you for that. In their eyes, you are that voice, their means for expression, for healing, for relief. You are the person who gets them. You are no longer the image of an unreachable, untouchable figure, but an amazing human being who truly understands them. So when you feel you are going through a difficult time think about that.

How to turn things around

The key is to turn things around in your favor immediately. Write that letter, write that lyric, write that song. Put it all down on paper as soon as the difficult feelings kick in. Do it when your heart is bleeding with anger, deception, pain. When you wait until the next day, all your most precious, raw thoughts, and emotions will be subdued. You don’t want that. You want true emotions when they are fresh, when they are at their peak, when they are blossoming to the surface, when they are naked in the raw.

That’s where the true gold is. That’s where you will connect with your audience, that’s when you will become one with them. And that is what you really want.

If you are going through a difficult time, a challenging moment, or you are just experiencing a small unease event in your life, it is perfect! Just flip it around right now. Be as grateful as you can about it, say yes to growing and learning from it, say yes to the changes it will bring, and pull out that pen and paper. Stay away from the computer, I want you to use old school pen and paper (I use traditional carbon #2 pencil in a daily basis). There are multiple physiological reasons and benefits for that.

When you handwrite you are actually training your brain

When you are about to handwrite, you have to come up with the words you want to write, and that action alone activates your brain and muscles in order to recall and remember the letters you want to use. The areas of the brain responsible for thinking, memory, language, muscle movement, and motor skills get activated at the same time and this is a wonderful healthy thing you are doing for your body.

Also, handwriting engages the left side of your brain, and when the left brain is occupied, the right brain is able to create, fantasize, and feel. You are also sending a group of cells to your temporal lobe known as the reticular activating system, helping you focus and memorize information. So not only are you healing as you write, you are improving your memory, creativity and intelligence, and it also improves clarity in a way that verbal communication does not.

Handwriting is a very intimate and emotional thing

When you handwrite, you are the only one writing in your own unique way. Handwriting reflects emotions, and the core of who you really are. This is exactly what you really want, to connect as closely and intimately possible to yourself and your emotions. Don’t try to hide any thoughts, feelings or emotions, don’t try to avoid them, suppress them or push them away because of shame, or because you think you will be seen as weak, or someone who can’t keep it together. You don’t want to keep it together.

Remember in your true emotions lies the key to true connection.

With all these benefits, isn’t it worth it to embrace tough times? I encourage you to do so. Not only are you working on yourself, but you are contributing to the healing of the world.

And that my friend is a true Trend Culprit.

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Let’s do this!

Rock on!
Love, Mia

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