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Almost 10 months ago when I decided that it was time to grow my music marketing business, I had no idea about what to do, or how to do it.

I read around, I researched my entire music and business library searching for one strategy that will make it happen for me. But nothing seemed to give me a straight and fast solution.

And then it hit me. Like a brick on the head. Again and again, book after book, I noticed a pattern. They all seem to be written about one thing.

You need to build your audience list FIRST.

This is especially true for artists. You need to build your audience, your fan base, your following, your crowd.

This won’t just magically show up for you. You need to purposely and intentionally build a plan in order to create it and then a strategy to nurture, grow, and keep it.

Listen to me.

Being a musician means being in business.

If you are really serious about your music career,


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Let’s do this!

Rock on!
Love, Mia

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