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I’ve been there.

I know what it feels like to have notes with new music ideas here, bookings to do there, and the band’s promo you are going to work on later in bulleted lists all over the place.

You just can’t remember what was the name of that dude from that bar who said he could book you, or the email of that blogger who is going to write a review of your band, or you don’t know how to start organizing your Music Marketing Plan.

Well, let me tell you my friends, I’ve been organizing myself, my thoughts, and my plans for many years, and I still have a difficult time organizing notes in a way that make sense for everybody!

So, I’ve found five digital tools that have proven to help me stay on top of all my marketing, promotional, business, creative, and personal plans.

And the best of all is that they are FREE!!!

1. Evernote

Evernote is by far the most amazing digital notebook ever created.

What I like:

I am able to set up one notebook for each of my major projects or businesses, and inside of each project I can segment the different topics related to that project in a vertical way that is appealing for the eyes.

  • For example:
    • Notebook: TrendCulprit:

      • Note: TrendCulprit Music Marketing
      • Note: TrendCulprit Music Social Media Strategy
      • Note: TrendCulprit Music Band Website Strategy
    • Notebook: Out of Control Music:

      • Note: Out of Control Artist Marketing Plan
      • Note: Out of Control Artist Tour Management
      • Note: Out of Control Artist Bookings
    • Notebook: Sarobey Clothing:

      • Note: Sarobey Clothing Marketing Plan
      • Note: Sarobey Clothing Merchandise Plan
      • Note: Sarobey Clothing Social Media Strategy
  • I can also sync the content from my mobile device and add or read contacts, venues or booking notes on the go.
  • It is also great for attaching music contracts, organizing album catalogs, songwriting, and collecting venue’s info forms, all in one place.

The problem comes when I have all this valuable content, important information and strategic plans in all these different notebooks and sub notes,

“How do I know where to go to organize my next steps and order actions for each of these strategies”?

That’s when I get aid from my second favorite tool, which I use hand by hand with Evernote.

2. OneNote

OneNote works in a very similar way than Evernote, with the difference that the notebooks are displayed as horizontal tabs and inside each tab you can segment multiple notes.

What I like:

Once I have a birds eye view of all the projects I have on my plate, then I go to my amazing OneNote app and start organizing my to do list in each tab.

  • For example:
    • Red Tab: To do Now

      • To do Now: Personal
      • To do Now: Band’s Flyer
      • To do Now: Social Media
    • Yellow Tab: To do Later

      • To do Later: Personal
      • To do Later: Bookings
      • To do Later: Press Release
    • Green Tab: To do Eventually

      • To do Eventually: Personal
      • To do Eventually: Next Album
      • To do Eventually: Band’s Website Update
  • I love that I can put it side by side with my major plans in Evernote, and pull from there only those task list items I need to work on in that moment.
  • I also love that it has multiple bullet symbols and checklist buttons which help me identify each content type and mark what I have already done.

Now that you have two amazing and FREE organizational tools to combine,

“How the heck do I make time for all the social media posting and bragging I need to do as an artist as part of my Music Marketing Plan”?

Let me tell, been there, done that. Searching and going in circles trying my best to implement a strategy that is both effective and cuts down on time consumed by social media DIY promotion.

After a lot of trial and error, a lot of research and studying, I have found a mix and match social media formula that has been providing me with amazing results in the least time thought. I just started it recently, and it’s working it’s magic!

After testing multiple social media automated tools, I found two that I love more than any others.

3. DrumUp

DrumUp is an AMAZING automated social media platform that allows you to schedule posts to share with your fans!

What I like:

I like that besides allowing me to schedule post regularly, it also facilitates content curation directly from RSS sources, helping me to execute various fundamental tactics of my social media strategy.

  • For example:
    • I can add multiple RSS feeds including the DIY Musician Blog, Hypebot, Music Industry How To, and others.
  • I love to be able to set up “auto post”, so I don’t need to worry about finding the best social media posting hours.
  • I also love to see the button feature in my Twitter posts blocks, and also in online share post features, from where I can simply post immediately or schedule the post for later in the blink of an eye. Pretty amazing, right?!?
  • One limitation is that it only allows me to post to my Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles.

Now you wonder what advances are you making with this platform, if you are unable to post in Instagram? And you…

“MUST post in Instagram, that’s where all my family and friends are. I don’t want them to miss out on all my posts,”

And here is where the magic happens!

4. Later

Later is a similar automated social media platform to DrumUp.

What’s the difference, you may ask?

What I love:

  • I love that because it is a platform mainly designed for Instagram, it provides you with editing tools and hashtag counts to create the ideal Instagram post.
  • Not to mention that I love the calendar drag and drop interface which is very appealing to the eye.
  • One limitation is that it only allows me to post to my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles, leaving behind my LinkedIn profile; which I also need to use as part of my Social Media strategy!

My solution? I mix and match!

Because part of my social media strategy includes to vary my post content across platforms as much as possible, I use one platform for a specific type of posts, and the other for other types of posts.

It works like magic!

And best of all, it takes working time away from me and they all start for FREE!

Now, what about the content I will be posting?

Well, here is where my fifth favorite tool comes in.

5. Pocket

Pocket is an incredible tool that helps me save URLs, blogs, and content on the web that I can share to my social following in a split second or schedule to share later.

What I love:

  • I love that I am able to bookmark, organize and tag anything from music magazines, blogs, and articles, in one visible place where I will go to find content to add to my posting schedule or to share immediately.
  • I also love to have the browser extension and the twitter button handy to bookmark any articles on a flash.

Pocket is another pretty amazing organizing tool!


You need to implement a system to keep your plans and strategies organized, your tactics and task in lists, a mix and match social media formula, and a place to save your reinforcing content.

And all this will cost you just some planning and concentration to get organized, a few hours to implement it, and a few minutes for the system to execute it.

Hope you find this helpful and I would love to hear your comments below!

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Let’s do this!

Rock on!
Love, Mia

P.S. and don’t forget – you are now a TrendCulprit!


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