After COVID you suddenly
lose everything.

You lose all your gigs
and shows ...

You lose the possibility of making a living from your music in what is already a turbulent industry…

You lose the capability of growing your fanbase, along with your name and the band’s reputation. You lose the motivation from the band members, in addition to access to the studio for recordings. You got two albums in the pocket and one half way, but you don’t know how to get them out there … and in the worst case scenario, you even lost a band member due to covid.

You keep live streaming from different platforms and getting more views than even playing in an event. But it seems that being online creates a disconnect between a live musician and people watching, and finding appreciation to even leave a tip. You are putting a lot more work to create those livestreams just making sure lighting and sound is good, that there’s no background noise, while linking up virtual tip jars and trying hard to write a description that will catch people’s attention. Sounds familiar?

You just keep going, trying to keep up with the “panchos.”  You’ve done everything you can. You’ve been doing exactly what everyone else is doing. You have been posting every single day, still submitting your music to A&R reps “just in case,” you are still struggling to get a sale in the band’s bandcamp shop, you’ve been dependent on financial support or representation, struggling, trying to survive. And … on top of it, you’ve payed ridiculous amounts of money to that publicist just so your online presence won’t be vanished from the music industry.

You’ve done almost everything. And yet, you are still navigating among the clutter of thousands and thousands of musicians without having a clue on how to have a breakthrough or even an impact with your music. Wondering night after night how can I get people’s attention and get them interested in my music. Isn’t my music awesome?

And to complicate things …

Start Right Now!

Bills are piling up and people are harassing you for money.

What would you do from day 1 to day 90 to save your music business?

You still have a roof over your head, access to a computer with internet connection and at least 90 more days.

Knowing all you know now so far in music, exactly what would you do to start from scratch? What order of action and what steps will you implement to restart and rescue your music business? What set of marketing, sales and business strategies and techniques would you use to thrive in the current music industry environment?

How quickly can you build your audience from scratch and make a music marketing plan that make sense, from home without spending one cent, even if you do not know where to start?

we gotta move fast !

I was also broke and unemployedThis is Mia A Irizarry

My name is Mia A Irizarry, and I am the heart and brain behind a company called TrendCulprit, Music Business Evolved™. And I can feel the exact same chills I felt those sleepless nights, unable to sleep without feeling my body shaking with the most unbearable feeling of anxiety not knowing where the money for that month’s rent will come from. During the day I couldn’t stop thinking about what am I going to do, and even worse, how would I do it.

By that time I was broke, unemployed, and I had no money to even get myself a cup of coffee. I needed to ask my family for money to pay my rent (again). I knew there was a way I could start my own music marketing company, but for that I needed people to buy from me. I needed a strategy, I needed an audience to whom I could nurture, grow and present to them what I had to offer.

Start Right Now!
Mia A Irizarry owner at trendculprit alternative music marketing
It’s been a hard journey.

Now mind you, I have read my fair share of marketing books, I have academic credentials, as well as I follow amazing music business and marketing gurus; but never have I ever been able to launch and scale any type of business, and create my own audience from scratch in such a fast and inexpensive way as I did once I figure out this system that I am about to share with you.

  • As a matter of fact, the blueprint of the strategy that I use is almost flawless no matter the industry you are in.
Every day we hear from music industry experts
that it is impossible to make it in music.
But things don’t need to be that way. – Mia

And that's when it hit me ...

The turning point happened when I was already there, with an audience right in front of my hands. Then I asked myself, what do I do now? I kept studying and learning from the best of the best in Music, Marketing, Business, and Personal Development to the point where I could put together an effective plan of action for musicians to help them understand how the business of music works, how to build a business in music, how to market and sale to their audience, and how to shift to the mentality to one of a true music business entrepreneur. I wanted to create a solution that will not only help musicians reach their goals, but also that will integrate self-development transformational techniques to help them connect their music with the world.

My Moral Obligation
Music Marketing
Music Business
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You need to become unshakeableThe most profound change in the music industry

After Covid, I needed to deliver a multi-steps system for every single musician out there struggling to build their music business. I have a moral obligation to inspire thousands of musicians to stop waiting around for that “big break” and to take their music business by the horns and to start acting like a true musicpreneur. Maintaining a stable music business can be achieved by taking advantage of the many tools at our fingertips: email newsletters, conquering social media, mastering the art of merchandising, embracing authentic fan connection, exploiting exposure opportunities, networking, and learning how to persevere.

Start Right Now!

It all starts with building
your audience.

At first, I doubted musicians would be interested in my system, and then as I began seeing other super successful bands and artists doing it, I knew this is a no brainer. This is a “must do” for any and every artist wanting to build their music business no matter how big or small or successful they are. And, I know first hand because I am one of those raving fans who is part of those successful artist’s audience list.

Listen carefully

Music is an industry of money, contracts, decisions and making the most of every opportunity in marketing, sales, exposure and business.

To succeed and make money you have to know what you are doing in all music, marketing and business. But mostly, you have to shift your mindset from having a career in music to becoming a real musicpreneur. TrendCulprit’s programs at their core are based on a holistic approach. They include the application of personal preparation, fitness, consciousness, and self-development techniques, where musicians can administer scientifically proven mind, body, and spirit techniques leveraging the power of the subconscious mind for the ultimate success in music.

The Musician Transformation System™

So we are about
to rock this

What if you could feel and be
so powerful both inside and out
that you could ...


Find your Purpose in Music.


Build a Global Audience.


Own your Music Business.


Create an Impact in the World.

Get ready for the most audacious
music business development journey

#iamatrendculpritWhere are the Rebels?

TrendCulprit’s three phase system is for the global visionary Music-Entrepreneur who is excited about the world and is ready to leverage his purpose in music, and his true potential to play big on his mission in the world. He craves to lead an entrepreneurial Music life creating and delivering music with a mindset of a true business boss, who is willing to create strategic visibility for a global impact. He is driven by contribution and empathy, and appreciates touring, people, personal-growth, and experiences as opportunities to create a better world with his music. TrendCulprit’s music business development three phase programs are for the tenacious global Musicpreneur who is ready to take risks in the world of music. No matter what.

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The Zone
Where Music Entrepreneurs are created


TrendCulprit’s three phase core programs are created one building onto the next. All programs are designed to give musicians-entrepreneurs, at various levels, the tools they need to reach their biggest goals of impact and contribution with their Conscious Music Business™. Start with Audience in 90., Cash Flow Rockstar, and move up into the World Tour Superstar. A complete system to build the most dependable and consistent Music Business of your dreams for the world.

Audience in 90.
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Build your Audience

Start your music business, build your audience, establish your authority in the music industry, create your own network, overcome resistance, fear, and limiting beliefs, and start generating income in as little as 90 days.

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Cash Flow Rockstar
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Establish a consistent Income

Setup your music business right, get clear on your message, price your show correctly, learn to create products and shows that your audience want, build a solid music marketing plan, and setup multiple sources of income.

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World Tour Superstar
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Create the Ultimate Music Success

Scale your music business, master non-traditional music marketing strategies, negotiate your bookings, fill your calendar, tour with purpose, hack mind reprogramming techniques, and build your own economy from anywhere in the world.

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Do You Feel Like Dancing?
Let's do This!

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