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Trend Culprit Team Member Victor Galindo

Victor R Galindo

Victor R Galindo is a Peruvian living in Long Beach CA, who is very interested in technology communications. Victor believes that anything can be improved, as nothing is perfect, therefore he is always looking for alternatives, more efficient ways to doing things, and better ways to using time and resources. He also believes that creativity is one of the most powerful assets one can posses and when a group has it, incredible things happen fast.

Victor earned an Associates Degree in Computer Networking from the College of the Canyons in Santa Clarita CA, he is the Owner & Principal at VRG Market Solutions, he executes as a Digital Marketing Specialist for Herbalife International, and calls Victor Galindo’s Portfolio his virtual home. His hobbies and interests include drone technology, mobile applications and computer history, while also being highly skilled at HTML, CSS and JavaScript Markup languages, WordPress Content Management System, OpenCart Shopping Cart, Flash Digital Media and Adobe Photoshop.

Victor’s digital media expertise includes Responsive Web Development, Content Management Systems, Responsive Email Marketing, Web Publishing, and Social Media Strategy and Integrations.