Music, Apparel & Beauty, Health & Fitness, Food & Beverage Entrepreneur
Ecommerce Merchandising & Digital Marketing Professional
Certified Global Business Professional & Front-End Web Developer
Professional Dancer & ISSA Master Personal Trainer
First Aid/CPR/AED Certified Child & Pet Care Professional

Trend Culprit Profile Team Member Mia A Irizarry

Mia A Irizarry, MS, CGBP, CPT

Mia is a true believer in infinite possibilities. From very humble beginnings and a turbulent background, she is the heart and soul behind the purpose driven group of companies Out of Control Group, dedicated to their four missions: the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual transformation though the music and events, apparel and beauty, health and fitness, and food and beverage industries.

Beckoning from her purpose to inspire people to develop higher levels of consciousness about the human experience in order to create impact and contribution, so that together we can elevate the planet, Mia is on a mission to be an advocate of animals and the ecosystem, a protector of children and the most vulnerable, a proponent of mental and emotional healing, a supporter of spiritual and physical wellbeing, a defender of freedom and human rights, and an opponent of corruption and abuse of power.

Through the development of her group of sister companies Trend Culprit, Music Business Evolved™; Sarobey Clothing®, Apparel & Culture™; Unfit Culture, Fitness + Gut-Brain + Consciousness™; and Out of Control Music, Revolutionized Music Tours & Events™, Mia has a stellar record of developing and implementing innovative strategies for business launches, designing non-traditional integrated loyalty marketing campaigns, growing audience from zero, and masterminding strategic turnaround plans of impact and contribution, in addition to the knowledge and experience acquired in the past working for major brands such as Hecho a Mano, Inc. and TIGI Haircare.

As a life-long devotee to the power of the application of knowledge, innovation, risks taking and implementation, Mia is an accomplished Certified Global Business Professional specializing in Ecommerce Merchandising & Digital Marketing with a BA in Audio-visual Communication, a MS in Apparel & Textiles International Merchandising, two Diplomas in Natural Haircare and Skincare, and four certificates in Global Market Business, two certificates in Front-end Website Development, eight certificates as a Master Personal Trainer, and countless of hours of Self-Development and Personal Preparation work.

Mia is a born and raised Puerto Rican currently living in Los Angeles near the beautiful coast of Venice Beach California. With Caribbean rhythms in her blood and Latino music in her soul, since 1998 she is a yearly International Touring Folklore Dancer Professional representing her country Puerto Rico in International Folklore Festivals around the world with accredited professional companies including Guarionex de Puerto Rico, Gíbaro de Puerto Rico and Brumas de Borikén, for worldwide organizations including the CIOFF & UNESCO. Some of her most prominent performance work includes productions with recognized names including Miramax Films, Eleven Seven Music, Malone Productions, Impelluso Productions and Producciones Alfonsina. Most recently the 65th Annual Grammy Awards 2023 Bad Bunny’s opening performance for F73 Awards, Inc. and Rimas/Sturdy Productions.

Dedicated to impact and contribution, Mia dedicates time to the care and wellbeing of children and animals though community work, involvement in cultural events, the production of benefit concerts, Latin dance instruction, and as an Adult & Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED and a Cat & Dog First Aid/CPR Certified professional.