Choreography/Artistic Direction for Digital Videos and Live Performances
Visual Design for Album Cover, Promo Art and Merch Design
Makeup for Photoshoots, Events, Showcases and Music Videos
Creative Ideas, Concept Creation and Consulting

Trend Culprit Team Member Ana J Miro

Ana J Miró

Ana J Miró, the @AnArtisticAlley is a Puerto Rican native, lifelong dancer, performer, and visual and makeup artist. Following her graduation from a Specialized Visual Arts High School in Puerto Rico, Ana continued her college studies at the prestigious University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus earning a BA in Theater Arts with a minor in Dance Education. During her college years, she joined the University’s Rolling Theater group where she stumbled upon the only other form of art she loved as much as dancing and visual arts; one which combines all her passions together… Makeup.

Straight out of college, Ana moved to LA on the pursuit of her dreams in art. Throughout the past 4 years she has endeavored as an arts educator, performed for various Dance Festivals in Los Ángeles, California as a dancer of a renowned Modern Dance Company, acted in various plays and short films, and worked as the personal assistant of Pop Artist Burton Morris.

Ana works as a Makeup Artist for short films, photo-shoots, and fashion shows among other projects, and is currently in the Mastery of Makeup Course at Elegance International (EI) School of Professional Makeup perfecting her skills in FX Makeup and Prosthetic for TV and Film.