Web Development, Design and Photography
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery,
Node and ElectronJS

Trend Culprit Team Member Alice A Maldonado

Alice A Maldonado

Alice A Maldonado, the @Seven_Ounce, is a Designer, Web Developer, and Photographer working with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Node, Photoshop, Git, and ElectronJS on OSX, Windows, and Linux computers. In addition, Alice shoots with a Canon 70D with a plethora of lenses, lights, and other photography tools. Using these skills, she has worked with The Price is Right, UCLA, USC, Los Ángeles Community College, Toy Art Gallery, and Prohibition Gallery. Alice is the founder and owner of Seven Ounce Studios where she designs and develops websites for multiple industries.

Alice was born and raised in Los Ángeles. She’s had an interest in computers, since DOS and Windows 3.1, and learning to code in her early teens. Since then, she’s graduated from California State University, Los Ángeles, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Arts, focusing on painting and photography. She currently lives in Los Ángeles, surrounded by an ever growing library of books.