What if you could build your audience in just
90 days?

What if you could use a Non-Traditional Music Marketing Alternative™ strategy to build your own audience of loyal fans waiting to hear from you week after week, build your following, establish your authority in the Music Industry, and create your own economy from anywhere in the world in as little as 90 days?

Plan      /      Create      /      Launch
If you want to grow your music business to a sustainable level quickly, bring in your own audience, music sales and opportunities, while establishing yourself in the Music Industry, you need to take massive action and put yourself out there. One of TrendCulprit Music Marketing Alternative™ strategies is an incredible way to accomplish that, even if nobody knows you, you have zero following, no audience, and a very small budget.

Audience in 90.

I am going to guide you through the exact time tested framework, and over and over proven system that I use to explode my audience, establish myself in the Music Industry, and to increase my revenue without needing to be a top influencer, or have a huge following, or a even a big marketing budget.

Imagine what your Music Business would look like if you had


Thousands of

new email subscribers of raving fans, who you can offer your music, concert tickets, and merch.


A consistent

stream of music income you could use for studio time, music video production, or more equipment.


A group of

enthusiastic music industry counterparts eager to promote you, introduce you, and to work with you.


Numerous opportunities

like concerts, interviews, and connections built from authentic relationships.

Audience in 90.

Real challenge is scary, but a TrendCulprit is not afraid.

Audience in 90. is a strategically outlined modified variation of a traditional virtual summit, which is a free virtual conference featuring dozens of experts in a specific niche brought together by the event host to share free interviews with a targeted audience. This marketing technique is used by thousands of online entrepreneurs to start building their lists immediately without spending lots of money, using Facebook ads or being super tech savvy, and to begin establishing themselves in their industries, and create their movements fast.

In Audience in 90. I guide you through planning, creating and launching the perfect themed online event that not only will help you build your audience, but also allows you to showcase your music and merch through an interesting, fun, and engaging storyline, adding a learning curve to your attendees, and sparking the interest of your guest speakers, making it much more appealing than a regular summit or traditional media interviews.

This is a 90-day fool-proof plan to planning, creating, launching and hosting your specific online event whose success is founded upon timeless of business principles beyond traditional Music Marketing strategies available to entrepreneurs for over a decade.

This TrendCulprit
Music Marketing Alternative™
Strategy is for you if you want to

Leverage important connections to grow your Music Business quickly.
Establish yourself authentically in front of influencers and music executives.
Bring you in front of new audiences and build your own fanbase.
Achieve multiple growth objectives simultaneously like increase revenue and exposure.
Make a profit from it.

Audience in 90.

Audience in 90. is for you if you know you have a mission and a vision with your music for the world, and you are serious about building your Music Business (and owning your audience) as quickly and effectively as possible.

This 12 weeks program is designed for you if you are looking for a Music Marketing Alternative™ strategy where you can get a fresh approach to extremely targeted and deliberate Music Business building so you can inspire fan loyalty, create an impact, and fast track your path to freedom in just 90 days! Cultivate and nurture a targeted, responsive community of raving fans who can’t wait to invest in you and your music no matter where you are at this time.

Why Audience in 90. is so effective?

When you look at your peers in the Music Industry, every successful musician is either well connected, achieving higher levels of visibility, gaining great media exposure, touring heavily, and getting a hold of the best endorsements. If you look a little deeper, most of their success may be attributed to their networks and partnerships with other people who are helping them get ahead. It may be that your traditional Music Marketing growth techniques are all coming much slower than you’ll like, and that’s where you can leverage the power of Audience in 90. to accelerate that visibility and those connections.

Audience in 90.

Audience in 90. integrates online business principles that consistently work. Producing and launching your own personalized version of Audience in 90. is one of the most powerful, effective, and one of the quickest ways to build (or grow) your audience, do intensive networking, bring along opportunities and collaborations, and achieve massive exposure in the shortest period of time. TrendCulprit Online Events should be a focal part of your music marketing strategy plan over and over again because:

  • It leverages the email list of your marketing partners.
  • It leverages the audience of every single participant.
  • It increases chances for music business opportunities.
  • It expands your network, relations and connections.
  • It uses urgency to encourage registrations and sale.
  • It is a win-win-win situation for everybody.
every party benefits of the event
The Host

Build your audience.
Earn massive revenue.
Build more relationships.
Grow your loyal fanbase.
Gain massive visibility.
Establish your music.

Marketing Partners

Established as an authority.
Build massive relationships.
Build or grow their audience.
Opportunity to earn revenue.
Gain valuable new exposure.


Enjoy a free online event.
Enjoy free content materials.
Opportunity to purchase merch.
Exposure to new musical acts.
Access to new music and merch.

Why do you need an audience list for your Music Business?

The money is in the list relationship.

It is imperative to have a fanbase email list to communicate with, to sale your music, concert tickets, and merch. Using email is a logical choice for spreading the word about upcoming tours, music videos, new releases, and media events. If you or your band are not using email to communicate with your fans, you are missing a valuable tool that could extend your reach, your visibility, and bring in serious income, while helping you cut costs significantly.

Your subscribers are more than a collection of email addresses. They are a group of people who have a specific interest in you, your music, and the emotional connection you provide in their lives. Through your emails you can create a lifelong asset that traditional media, social media, or plain traditional Music Marketing would never provide.

Email marketing needs to be a focal point in your Music Business. It is how you connect with your fans in a personal and intimate level, and it is how you’ll develop long-term relationships with them. Almost every established musician, band or rock start understands the power of an audience list. Popular bands like Led Zeppelin, Def Leppard, Guns n’ Roses, and many others have a subscriber’s opt-in form in their website in order to capture new subscriptions.

How is Audience in 90. structured?

This 90 days program is divided in three phases containing 12 step-by-step weekly sections.


First 30 Days: We’ll organize the specifics and craft a well-thought out event.
1. Plan your event logistics.
2. Plan the content you are going to cover.
3. Decide on your technological systems.
4. Get your Marketing Partners on board.


Second 30 Days: We’ll create what is going to get your event to actually go live to the world.
1. Set up your event sales strategy.
2. Record your event content.
3. Set up your online pages.
4. Set up your membership site.


Third 30 Days: We’ll create all about promotion and execution of your event.
1. Prepare your affiliate program.
2. Promote your online event.
3. Execute your online event.
4. Complete necessary follow-up tasks.

The 12 Weeks


  • Overview of how the event works.
  • What should you expect.
  • Review of the 90-day launch plan.
  • Get clarity on who you are and your why.
  • Define your niche and fan avatar.
  • Decide your event topic, name, and tagline.
  • Decide length, launch dates, pricing tier, and more.
  • Learn the technology options you have.
  • Evaluate cost breakdown and other considerations.
  • Who are the best types of partners to invite.
  • Learn ways to discover potential partners.
  • Learn how to get partners willingly on board.
  • Learn how to process agreements and paperwork.


  • Discover tips for branding your event.
  • Create the opt-in homepage of your event.
  • Set up your email autoresponder.
  • Craft your event’s script and content outline.
  • Familiarize yourself with the software.
  • Familiarize yourself with video embedding.
  • Work on the landing pages of the free content.
  • Considerations of the membership site software.
  • Setup your lifetime access membership site.


  • Create your affiliate program.
  • Setup your tracking referral sales system.
  • Kickoff the promotional plan countdown.
  • Discover additional promotional techniques.
  • Initiate your event countdown.
  • Launch your live event!
  • Work on follow-up activities.
  • Say thanks to your marketing partners.
  • Say thanks to your attendees.

What if you fail?

Growing your email list.
Bring in more revenue.
Connecting with influencers.
Getting in front of music executives.
Bringing in new opportunities.

It is not possible to fail in a marketing partnership online event.

Even if you do not earn any revenue, or you break even, or you build the wrong audience through the production or promotion of your event you will still succeed and build momentum enough that can be leveraged on your favor.

singer music marketing picture

Will Audience in 90. work for me?

Yes! Of course it will! You JUST need to DO IT!

It’s been proven time after time that these types of online events work over and over again in thousands of niches and fields in any industry.

concert music marketing picture
The time is now

Building your Music Business means putting your entrepreneurship hat on and getting things done. Money loves speed, and unless you want to be at the mercy of the music industry, nobody is going to care about your music business more than you do. You are the CEO of your music business. Let’s do this!

You can host this event in about anything
You don't need a huge audience to start
You don't need a huge network to start
You don't need to be “established”

After you have done it once, it will probably take you anywhere from 30 to 45 days to do the whole process again.

If things change for you.

If you lose your audience, or you move to another country, or you decide to change industries, with this process you know that you can make money from anywhere in the world under any topic within 45 days. It takes 90 days to do it the first time while you get a hang of the process. After you have done it once, it will probably take you anywhere from 30 to 45 days to do the whole process all over again.

Think about the freedom this gives you emotionally, physically and financially!

Audience in 90.
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What it Includes?

Regular Price

3 Payments of
$597 x3
  • 12 Weekly Sections (Value $2,497)
  • 12 Weekly Live Q&A Calls (Value $1,997)
  • 90-Day Launch Plan (Value $1,497)
  • 3 Weeks Promotion Plan (Value $997)
  • 20+ Email Scripts (Value $197)
  • 10+ Event Worksheets (Value $97)

Plus Kickstart Bonuses

  • Bonus: Marketing Partner Outreach Template (Value $97)
  • Bonus: Marketing Partner Agreement Template (Value $497)
  • Bonus: Marketing Partner Affiliate Agreement Template (Value $397)
  • Bonus: 7+ hrs Music As a Business Live Recordings (Value $67)
  • Bonus: Private Accountability & Support Group (Value $974)



For a Limited Time Only

$297 x3
  • 12 Weekly Sections (Value $2,497)
  • 12 Weekly Live Q&A Calls (Value $1,997)
  • 90-Day Launch Plan (Value $1,497)
  • 3 Weeks Promotion Plan (Value $997)
  • 20+ Email Scripts (Value $197)
  • 10+ Event Worksheets (Value $97)

Plus Kickstart Bonuses

  • Bonus: Marketing Partner Outreach Template (Value $97)
  • Bonus: Marketing Partner Agreement Template (Value $497)
  • Bonus: Marketing Partner Affiliate Agreement Template (Value $397)
  • Bonus: 7+ hrs Music As a Business Live Recordings (Value $67)
  • Bonus: Private Accountability & Support Group (Value $974)


Regular Price 3 PAYMENTS OF $597
For a Limited Time Only Price 3 PAYMENTS OF $297

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