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We revolutionized the traditional digital media agency

We like to think that we have a unique perspective on what it really means to audio-visually communicate your music’s story.

Trend Culprit Music Digital Agency Team Member Mia A Irizarry
Mia A Irizarry, CGBPOwner & Founder
Rock, Reggae & Salsa

Music and cultures is life. Just look around, it is everything. Puerto Rican Music, Apparel and Web Entrepreneur living in Los Ángeles.


Eddie Noel TrendCulprit EditorTrendCulprit Digital Agency for Music Picture
Eddie NoelEditor, Actor, Dancer & Singer
Rock, Pop & Salsa

Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent. Puerto Rican in San Juan, PR.


Trend Culprit Team Member Victor Galindo
Victor R Galindo E-Mail Marketer & Web Developer
Classic Salsa

I believe that anything can be improved as nothing is perfect. So I identify problems and solve them. From Perú now living in Los Ángeles.


Yeidimar Ramos TrendCulprit JournalistTrendCulprit Digital Agency for Music Picture
Yeidimar RamosJournalist & Singer
Alternative Rock

Strength doesn’t come from what you can do, it comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t. Puerto Rican.


Rocio Vidal TrendCulprit JournalistTrendCulprit Digital Agency for Music Picture
Rocio 'Roro' VidalInternational Host & Media Journalist
Folk Indie, Spanish Rock, Alternative

Music is the bridge to creative inspiration and our universal language. Puerto Rican living in Los Ángeles.


Shekhinah Raine TrendCulprit JournalistTrendCulprit Digital Agency for Music Picture
Shekhinah Raine Editor in Chief & Journalist
Alternative Rock, R&B & Pop

The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling. Puerto Rican living in Georgia.


Trend Culprit Team Member Jessica G Ferrer
Jessica G FerrerEntertainment Journalist & Actor
Rock Pop Latino

I love music. It’s hard to say. While I won’t choose favorites, I can always find a Shakira song to match the beat I’m walking to. From NJ to LA.


Trend Culprit Team Member Alice A Maldonado
Alice A MaldonadoFront-End & Node Developer
Electroclash, Classical & Disco

This chick does it all to make your project look amazing. Designer, Web Developer and Photographer from Los Ángeles.


Trend Culprit Team Member Ana J Miro
Ana J MiróMakeup & Visual Artist
R&B, Pop, Rock, Indie & Salsa

I embrace the knowledge around me and express creatively my passion for life! Puerto Rican girl living in Los Ángeles.


Trend Culprit Music Digital Agency Team Aaron Roberts Jr
Aaron Roberts Jr Social Media Coordinator
Hip-Hop, R&B, Reggae & Electronic-Chill

Social Media and Sports Enthusiast living in West Los Ángeles, California. #Hashtags make him happy!


Neysha Mendoza Trend Culprit JournalistTrendCulprit Digital Agency for Music Picture
Neysha MendozaJournalist & Actor
Alternative, Pop, Spanish Rock & Salsa

Anyone who does not believe in miracles is not a realist. Puerto Rican living in New York.


Tania luviano TrendCulprit Journalist TrendCulprit Digital Agency for Music Picture
Tania LuvianoFive-Time Emmy Award-Winning Journalist
Pop & Spanish Rock

You can be emotional, ironic or humorous. Be Yourself!. Mexican Living in San Diego.


The talent behind
the reputation

Yup! This is the people behind the scenes, making it all happen. And having fun with it.

TrendCulprit is created by a collection of multiple business partners, affiliated agencies, freelance individuals and industry collaborators located in different countries all around the world. These are tenacious creative innovators influenced by their cultural backgrounds and geographic locations whose talents were deliberately identified and signaled as genuine. They are bored with more of the same. They recognize that the contributions to the world of the “mass-created” sensationalism for music promo have room for improvement. They know deep inside, that life is more than what we live. That communicating music is more than what we are exposed to every day in our radios or stream stations. They know that there are incredibly talented performing artists out there in the world creating amazing music, and yet never heard of or under promoted. They know that the way to touch the core essence of the world’s population is through the power of leveraging the emotions of music through creative designated and intended global awareness. They understand other cultures, how they work, and what we are all missing.

So, they want to change that.
How? Simple. By audio-visually communicating music emotions, but the international creative way.

This people like to travel, they love adventures and they live life to the fullest; opening their minds and hearts to new concepts and innovative ideas. They engage with each other remotely, taking full advantage of technology to capture the best from each other’s talents and to inspire each other through their own passion for music. There is no reason to limit their levels of creativity, the opposite is true, we embrace the democratization of creative power.

They come together to make this happen because they are moved by music. They are either musicians or dancers themselves who believe that music is the heart beat of the Universe flow. There are only two compulsory requisites to be part of their team: Do only that which makes you truly happy, and unapologetically spread all that inner passion all over the world.

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